Therapy that leads to Change

I know, both from my work with others and my own growth, that each of us can flourish fully. This despite the individual hurts we've experienced and the limitations society places on us by virtue of our age, gender, race, etc. As we heal and flourish, others around us do too and together we change the way our world operates. It's a thoroughly hopeful process, which is why I feel privileged to be doing this work.

What is it that you do, you ask? I listen closely, thoughtfully and lovingly enough to truly hear the essence of what someone is saying. Then I gently and persistently assist them to explore their recurring difficulties so that they can both understand and heal from their underlying hurts. It is then that new options start to replace our old strategies and interesting changes happen.

Truthfully, each of us is far more loving, powerful, smart and creative than we realize. So the process of uncovering our strengths is exciting.

I was drawn to my own exploration by my body which began to hold weight in my late teens as I ran into messages of "you can't do that as a career, you're a girl"! So I found out that the body stores whatever grief, fear, anger, etc. we aren't able to release and that it takes the loving, attentive presence of another human being to assist that release and support life changes.

I work with people individually, in couples and groups and have done so for 30 years. It is my lifelong passion. I know that - step by step - insight by insight - person by person - we move ourselves and the world forward.

If reading this confirms your interest in learning more about yourself and the choices you have, do contact me and ask me any particular questions you have.

               When someone deeply listens to you
               Your bare feet are on the earth
               And a beloved land that seemed distant
               Is now at home within you.
                                         John Fox


For more information contact Shirley Russ.

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